Hereford Beef

The Hereford ~ A cut above and a breed apart!

A bespoke website has been launched by The Hereford Cattle Society to promote one of the Nations best known food products - Hereford Beef.
If you’re not sure which cut to purchase, or how to cook it, the new website at has plenty of advice and delicious seasonal recipes to provide you with inspiration.
This informative website also lists purveyors of Hereford Beef from major supermarkets to farm shops and also includes a section on where to dine on this wonderful beef.
Reared naturally on the green pastures of the British countryside, Hereford cattle are one of the oldest British native breeds. Prized internationally, they are allowed to grow and mature slowly on a forage based diet, all of which contribute to the production of nutritious world class quality beef.

Hereford Beef is chosen by some of the best restaurateurs and chefs around the world and it’s a firm family favourite too. Free from additives and growth hormones, Hereford Beef’s natural marbling which dissolves during the cooking process ensures you are left with beef that is succulent and full of its own unique flavours.

It is important to know the provenance of the food we eat so we take great pride in our ability to point consumers in the direction of retailers of Hereford beef - who in turn are able to trace their product from the producer’s farm gate to the consumer’s plate.

Not only do Hereford cattle benefit from their natural surroundings but consumers can too. Grass produced beef is full of omega 3 polyunsaturated fats, much more than can be found in cattle raised intensively on cereal based diets. Omega 3 an essential fatty acid has been shown to increase blood plasma, and contributes to a healthy heart when eaten in moderation lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.

To find out more about Hereford Beef request a Hereford Beef brochure, pictured above) from The Hereford Cattle Society Tel: 01432 272057